Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Droopy Pants

Ok, I have been reading about droopy pants and the people who want to make wearing them against the law! While not a fan of that particular fashion I think passing a law is only going to make this horrible practice of wearing pants around your ass cheeks more prevalent!
Ok, it originated in prison. Why anyone would want to take fashion tips from someone who has been incarcerated is beyond me. Whats next orange jumpsuits w/out underwear?
Upscale restaurants serving prison chow? It could happen, people are cattle and WILL follow the latest trend.
First of all in this day and age where health internally and physically is important, why would you choose to wear droopy pants below your ass with your undwearwear sticking out above?
It does nothing for your body image, usually and maybe I am living in the wrong area for this, the underwear are non-de-script ugly boxers from the Gap! The bottom line is that it looks like there has been a load dropped in their denim diaper!
The other argument I read about is that by outlawing these pants will take away the persons individuality, well I have news for you.....if everyone is wearing them you are no longer an individual or a novelty! That's the thing about cattle they want to be just like the next cow in line!
Anyway I have hated and cursed this fashion trend for years. Lets see some clothes that fit especially if you are out in public. (Do not even get me started on muffin tops!)
I know that people who wear this crap are bucking the establishment, we have all been there! Really we have! its nothing new! Just a new decade.
I know I am just blowing air here and I know that soon I will see another trailer park fashion out on the streets of our cities!


upstatedutchguy said...

First I want to say that I am not in my fifties, I grew up in the fifties! Second I want to say that when I was 17-19 the high school/college fashion of the day was SKIN TIGHT. And I mean tight.

The point was to show the soft massive package front and center. If you lacked in the package department you hated the fashion.

The fit also let you show off the buns to their fullness. I could barely think in school with all the cock, balls, buns in my face all day.

I hate the droopy stuff, but some of those guys make it work for them. You have no idea what the crotch is like, but somehow a few make it sexy. Granted only a few!

Bob said...
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Bob said...

I have seen all types of fashion mistakes, bell bottoms being one of them. The droopy pants craze is just horrible in my opinion. I know the reason but it just looks as if there is a "load" in the pants, and now it has spread to the gyms where people are pulling their underwear up above the waste band of their workout shorts/pants. Not to mention the guys in the locker room preening over just the right height on the boxers! Too contrived. Clothes should fit, this is the fitness generation! Or so they keep telling us!