Friday, November 2, 2007

So Mitt R. protects marriage?

I am so tired of these republicans defending marriage as an institution between a man and a woman!
As yet another republican bites the dust for taking a young man to his hotel room to view gay porn and HAVE gay sex we have Mitt trying to tell us its their way or the highway! I have to say the republicans are dropping like flys! How many scandals has it been? And have you noticed how quiet it becomes after the scandal? You barely hear anything after a couple days.
Now if the democrats are smart they will be keeping tabs on everything that has been happening in the republican party. I mean if the democrats can't pull off a win in 2008 then they might as well fold up and leave town!
The timing is perfect its almost as if the republicans want the democrats to win! HMMMM.
I have to say that I understand why these men cheat or try and solicit sex from other men having been in the closet myself a few decades ago but what really pisses me off is that when you look at their voting record you see that they continually oppress the gay agenda! To protect themselves and their office they support bigotry and step on equal rights. It just makes me crazy.
I wonder how these men who got caught are getting along with their wives now? I don't think gay marriage or domestic partnerships are the problem here, I think it just might be honesty with your mate and with yourself!